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GreenRock Capital Company (“GreenRock” the “Company”) was incorporated in the State of Nevada as a diversified leasing and asset    management company.  Relying on the extensive years of experience brought by its management team, GreenRock has positioned itself to become a major force in the alternative energy transportation leasing industry. 

The primary goal of GreenRock is to build a long term, stabilized-yield leased asset pool that will provide current income to the Company, and substantial capital appreciation upon expiration of the leases through lease renewals, outright disposition of the asset or refurbishing the asset to extend its useful life. 






The Company originates, acquires, sells and services equipment leases as well as assisting in structuring and arranging specialized financing for a diverse universe of projects. Our industry focus includes but is not limited to:  Transportation assets, including shipping  containers, trucks and trailers, intra-costal and inland marine shipping assets, rail assets, aircraft and assets used in energy services, from offshore oilfield marine assets, drilling rigs, frac pumps and other oilfield assets to heavy cranes used in the wind farm construction segment.

There has been a substantial move to improve the environmental footprint of transportation assets. From Liquid Natural Gas engine trucks or vessels to high speed rail transportation. This is the wave of the future! Often, States and Federal governments provide support in the move to these assets through state and federal subsidy's, grants, tax credits and tax exempt bonds. GreenRock has the expertise to assist its customers in understanding what assistance  is available to meet their own environmental goals and maximize the use of these subsidy's through reduced interest rates and lower rental payments.

GreenRock has a highly automated administration system to track transactions with speed and accuracy. This insures a seamless process by which to close transactions in the most expeditious manner.

We will, on a limited basis, examine innovative and cutting-edge projects concentrating principally on companies who target fast growing emerging markets, where they have the potential to achieve dominance in their niche. In addition, we are interested in new products and services that address large existing markets with companies that have the potential to build market share and drive substantial revenues and profits.